Uniform and Equipment

Parents were reminded by letter in July 2018 about uniform requirements for September 2018

Many pupils, prior to coming to Maple Hayes, have often become socially as well as academically isolated. It is our aim to make sure that all our pupils feel that they have an equal right to be treated like everyone else. School uniform is an important way of demonstrating this. We keep school uniform as simple and inexpensive as possible. Pupils are required to wear correct school uniform when arriving to school, during school hours as well as on school outings and when leaving school at the end of the day. Parents are reminded that children grow and clothing must be inspected each major holiday and replaced if necessary. Sensible shoes - not boots or trainers - are required for school use. All clothing must be labelled with woven sew-on tapes and all other property clearly marked. There are boxes of unclaimed, unmarked belongings every term! Calculators, watches, pens should be engraved: Parents are advised to make sure that their own insurance covers this kind of item.

Children must always look presentable - hair styles must be conventional and hair must be of natural colour. For boys this means hair must be off the collar and above their eyebrows. For Girls, long hair must be tied back with a band.



  • MH Grey Blazer (with badge embroidered on)

  • MH Kilt skirt - length no less than under knee

  • MH Grey V neck with border

  • White shirt (not a fashion shirt)

  • School Tie (available from office)

  • Black opaque tights (no pattern or ribbing) or black ankle socks (no pattern or ribbing and not trainer socks) or knee high black socks (no pattern or ribbing)

  • Flat black school shoes (without decoration; not fashion shoes, trainers or boots)


  • MH Grey Blazer (with badge embroidered on)

  • MH Grey trousers (from Uniforms Plus only - no black trousers)

  • MH Grey V neck with border

  • White shirts (not a fashion shirt)

  • School Tie (available from office)

  • Black socks (no pattern or ribbing)

  • Black school shoes (without decoration; not fashion shoes, trainers or boots)

For the Classroom:

  • Some coloured pencils + ordinary pencils - but NOT fibre tips or felt pens

  • 1 or 2 Fountain pens with washable blue-black or black ink

  • 1 Red ball point pen

  • 1 Pencil case containing eraser and pencil sharpener

  • 1 30cm ruler

  • for Yr 9 and above - Casio scientific calculator (can be purchased from school office)

  • 1 Briefcase (not a holdall, shoulder bag or handbag) in which to keep classroom equipment. This must fit in the 5 inch slots in the bag racks

Physical Education uniform:

  • Towel for showering after Games/Gym

  • Bag to hold boots and sports wear

  • MH Rugby Shirt

  • MH Polo shirt

  • MH Shorts

  • MH Tracksuit

  • MH Navy/sky blue football socks

  • Football boots AND shinpads

  • Running trainers

  • For Gym indoors: White plimsolls or tennis shoe (no logos or motifs) - these have a smooth sole and will not damage the gymnastics mats) available from Newitts (sports@newitts.com)

MH - These items are available from Uniforms Plus in Lichfield 01543 414520.

Items that are not allowed by school rules.

No haircuts such as steps, shaved underside with mop top, shaved eyebrows, and patterns shaved into the head, skinhead haircuts (or close to skinhead). No dyed eyebrows or dyed patches in the hair (hair must be of natural colour).
No hair products such as hair gels or aerosols (for safety reasons)
No earrings, studs, piercings or jewellery of any kind (A watch is acceptable)
No makeup or nail varnish.
No mobile phones or smart watches capable of receiving or sending messages.
No cameras or recorders
No mp3, mp4 (video) players or game players
No items which may cause harm such as knives, solvents, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) and aerosols.
No Chewing Gum or Bubble Gum
No Carbonated drinks, no drinks with e-numbers (water or fruit juices are fine)
No Sweet, chocolate, biscuit, crisp wrappings or packets (this is to avoid litter and to promote healthy eating - pupils may bring unwrapped tuck in a ‘tupperware’ tub.) No sweets high in E-numbers.
No nuts or nut bars etc. (We have pupils who have severe nut allergies in school and we need to minimise the risk of accidental exposure to nut products)

Items allowed by school rules

Watches (but not smartwatches capable of receiving messages which would be against the mobile phone policy)
Medical alert necklaces - but we will need to have a record of these
Parents may make a request for pupils to bring a mobile phone to school if it is needed for safety on the journey. If authorisation is given they are only to be used by the pupil travelling to or from school. They must be handed in on arrival and will be returned when they depart. They must not be used on school premises. Pupils not following these arrangements will have their mobile phone confiscated in accordance with normal school policy. Similarly pupils may use mp3 players or other devices while travelling and the school will accept these if they are handed in on arrival and they will be returned when they depart.